Thursday, August 5, 2021

Message from Circle Secretary, AIPEU GrC., A.P Circle


Please refer to the above Posted  Circle office letter wherein orders were issued for making officiating arrangements for HSG-1, HSG-2 and LSG posts on seniority basis. It seems that the above arrangements are not implemented in many of the divisions. So after receiving many complaints from all corners, our Circle union once again taken up this issue through four monthly meeting. It is learnt that now the CO has issued orders to all Regional PMGs to reiterate the above orders strictly in all divisions and call for the compliance report. 

 Hence you are requested to see that the orders are implemented in your divisions concerned in consultation with your divisional heads. If there is any ignorance in implementation in any division please inform the same to the Circle union. So that we can pursue the same with the CO and it is useful for discussion in the four monthly meeting. So please see that the orders are implemented.

Thinking you

Yours Comradely

(B.Sridhar Babu)
Circle Secretary


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