Sunday, February 27, 2022

Gudur Division :: Strike mobilization meeting held in Venkatagiri Town on 27-02-2022

A Regional meeting for strike campaign held on 27-02-2022 in  the conference hall of Town Club, Venkatagiri. Com.K.Sudhakar, Ex- Hon'ble President, GrC., Chaired the meeting. Com.P.Pandurangarao, G/S, AIPEUGDS., Com.B.Sridharbabu, C/S. AIPEU GrC., A.P Circle, Com.K.Harish Kumar, ACS, P4, Com.K.N.Prasad, President,GDS, Srikalahasti Br., and other NFPE leaders attended and addressed.

All the participant paid floral tributes to our beloved leader Com.M.Krishnan and remembered his services to the GDS, GrC., NFPE & Confederation.

Com.A.Masthanaiah, CITU., Com.P.Krishnaiah, President, UTF, Sri Prakrithi Kumar, Advocate & Social worker were also present and addressed the meeting. 

More than 100 members attended; represented from VK Town, Bangarupeta, Jayampu, Dakkili, Podalakuru SOs and graced the meeting.

The arrangements made by the comrades of VK Town deserves all appreciation.


Thursday, February 24, 2022

Congratulations to the selected candidates on compassionate grounds in Gudur Division....

The following candidates are  selected for the posts on compassionate grounds in Gudur Division  ...

(1) s/s K.Kiran Kumar                                -----   ABPM, Jogipalli
s/o late K.Ravindraiah                                        Sydapuram SO
Ex-ABPM, Jogipalli
Sydapuram SO

(2) s/s P.Sujatha                                          ----   BPM, Matumadugu
D/o late P.Subramanyam                                    a/w Bangarupeta SO
Dakkili SO

(3) s/sK.Sindhuri                                        ----   BPM, Lingasamudram
D/o late K.Sumitra                                              Sydapuram SO  
BPM, Lingasamudram
Sydapuram SO

We are very happy to welcome them.
Com.C.S.Raju pursued the cases sincerely,


Gudur Division :: Circular No.08 dtd 21-02-2022 ....


Memorial Speech on Com.M.Krishnan on their first death anniversary (01-03-2022) .. Online


Letter to Circle Union :: Payment of arrears to Contingent staff in Gudur Division (23-02-2022)


Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Gudur Division :: Circular dtd.21-02-2022 ...


NFPE Circular dtd.22-02-2022


Half Margin Verification Memo format for Verification Memos for Withdrawal of Rs.10,000/- and above at Branch Post Offices

  Note: The verification memo should be returned to the HO/SO within 10 days in case where the place of residence of the depositor lies in the jurisdictions of PRI and within 30 days in all other cases.

As per POSB (CBS) Manual Revised upto 31.12.2021, AO shall prepare a half margin memo for  any cash withdrawal of Rs.10000/- and above in the Savings Account Standing at Branch Post Office.

64. Verification of withdrawals of Rs. 10,000/- and above in savings accounts at branch offices

(1). As and when any cash withdrawal of Rs.10,000/- and above in savings account standing at Branch Post Office happens, Account Office shall prepare a half margin verification memo by referring to report available in Finacle MIS server and enter in a register to be maintained by the concerned SPM/APM. Each memo will be assigned a serial number starting from 1 on the 1st April of each year. The register should be maintained in manuscript in the form given below. The number of the half margin memo will be taken from this register.

Register of Verification Memos for Withdrawal of Rs. 10,000/- and above at Branch Post Offices

(2). The verification memo should be dispatched on the same day to the concerned Sub Divisional Inspector of Post Offices/ASP or Public Relations Inspector who will verify the withdrawal by contacting the depositor as quickly as possible and send reply to the SPM/APM concerned after filling up and signing the reply half of the verification memorandum. The verification memos should be returned to SO/Head Office within 10 days in case where the place of residence of the depositor lies in the jurisdiction of a Public Relations Inspector and within 30 days in all other cases. The services of Mail Overseers may also be utilized by Sub Divisional Inspectors/ASPs for the purpose.

(3). On receipt back of the verification memo with the reply, the SPM/APM will make necessary entries in the columns 8 and 9 of the register maintained at the Head Office/Sub Office and initials in column 10. The verification memos as well as the reply shall be kept in the Head Post Office/sub office in a separate guard file in serial order for each year. The guard file will be preserved for Two year from the date of completion of verification. 

(4). The Postmaster will scrutinize the register on the 16th and the last day of the month and issue reminders in respect of cases for which reply is not received within 15 days from Public Relations Inspector and 35 days from the Sub Divisional Inspector from the date of issue of the verification memo. The particulars of issue of reminders will be noted by the Postmaster in the prescribed column of the register. If no reply is received from the Sub Divisional Inspector of Post Offices/Public Relations Inspector within 15 days from the date of issue of the reminder, the Postmaster will report the case to the Superintendent of Post Offices for necessary action.

(5). If the result of verification is unsatisfactory, the SPM/APM will report the case to the Divisional Superintendent for further action.

(6). A report will be furnished by the all Postmasters and Sub Postmasters to the Divisional Superintendent by the 5th of the month following every quarter in January, April, July and October to the effect that action for verification of withdrawals of Rs.10,000 and above in savings accounts at Branch Offices through verification memos has been duly completed in time. The Divisional Superintendent will in turn furnish a quarterly report to the Circle Office by the 10th of the month following the quarter.

Note: It will be the special responsibility of the Heads of Circle to see that all the preventive measures / checks are exercised meticulously and every effort made to nip frauds in the bud. The Heads of Circles are also free to devise any further special checks they want to carry out in the light of local circumstances. However, the overall endeavor should be to minimize the incidence of SB frauds and tone up the Divisional Administrations.

AIPRPA - Extend Total Support to struggling GDS ....

 Extend Total Support to struggling GDS!

AIPEU GDS CHQ on 19.02.2022 in the NFPE Federal Executive decided and called upon its members to launch a two-phased programme of action. The Programmes are Day Long Dharna in front of all Divisional Offices on 4.3.2022; and Day Long Dharna in front of PMG / CPMG Offices on 15.03.2022. There are four important demands including urging the DoP to take up the Membership Verification of GDS Cadre and stopping unscientific target setting etc. 

AIPRPA CHQ extends total solidarity to the programmes of AIPEU GDS and calls upon all the Postal Pensioners to fully support these programmes and participate in the Day Long Dharna at all places, ofcourse with all recourse to corona protocol. 

Go with our own Flags and Banners! 


AIPEU GDS :: CHQ Agitation programmes on 04th March & 15th March 2022 ..

 AIPEUGDS CHQ is decided to launch an agitation program in two phases. 

(1) 4th March 2022 - Day long Dharna in front of Division offices.
(2) 15th March.2022 ..Day long Dharna infront of PMG/CPMG Offices.


-- Membership verification in GDS cadre
--Keep in abeyance the recent order on Substitute arrangement in GDS vacancies 
--- Stop imposing the impractical and unscientific Targets on BOs/GDS 
---- Implement the positive recommendations of Kamlesh Chandra  Committee... Etc., 

Agitation program is decided in the NFPE Federal Executive meeting held on 19.02.2022. 

All NFPE unions will extend  their support to our agitation programs..


Thursday, February 10, 2022

Extension of departmental facilities and conferences at all levels ... (up to 30-06-2022)




ANSWERED ON: 07.02.2022

 Restoration of Old Pension Scheme

 Rakesh Singh

Will the Minister of

FINANCE be pleased to state:-

(a) whether the Central and State Government employees are opposing the New Pension Scheme;

(b) if so, the details thereof;

(c) whether the Government proposes restore the Old Pension Scheme keeping in view the benefits of the said scheme in interest of employees;

(d) if so, the reasons thereof; and

(e) if not, the reasons therefor?


 The Minister of State (Finance)

 (a) to (e) Representations have been received from time to time which include the request for restoration of Old Pension Scheme. There is no proposal under consideration of Government of India for restoration of old pension scheme in respect of Central Government employees recruited on or after 01.01.2004. The National Pension System (NPS) was introduced by the Government of India to replace the defined benefit pension system by defined contribution pension scheme in order to provide old age income security in a fiscally sustainable manner and to channelize the small savings into productive sectors of the economy through prudential investments.

GDS :: Review of the scheme for engagement of a dependent of deceased Gramin Dak Sevaks on compassionate grounds ... (09-02-2022)


Friday, February 4, 2022



GDS :: Grant of Combined Duty Allowance to Branch Postmasters (BPMs) working at Single handed Branch Post Offices ... (Clfn. dtd.01-02-2022)


Revised Strike Notice :: Regarding two days strike on 28th & 29th March 2022 ...


Payment of Honorarium to staff working at CPC ... (01-02-2022)


AIPEU Gr.C CHQ :: Letter to Directorate on SB order No.02 of 2022 (03-02-2022)


Approval of Schemes - Centrally Sponsored Schemes (CSSs) & Central Sector Schemes (CSs) to be continued over the 15th Finance Commission cycle ...

 Under Central Schemes - Rs.5,785- crores of amount recommended by Expenditure Finance Committee (EFC) for IT Modernization Project 2.0 in Department of Posts ....