Friday, January 21, 2022

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Regarding action taken on Delinquent Officer for delinquencies noticed during conduct of Financial Transactions at the Post Offices .... (19-01-2022)



Message from AP Circle Union ...

Dear Comrades,

                 All the Divisional Secretaries are requested to collect a copy of the Strike Notice with Charter of Demands from our Circle union what’s app Group. Tomorrow (21January2022) in all Divisions Strike intimation day is to be observed with gathering maintaining COVID Protocol. 

After the gate meeting copy of the notice is to be handed over to respective divisions and please give wide publicity in print and electronic media

Yours comradely


Circle Secretary

NFPE :: Strike Notice to be served on 21-01-2022 for ensuing two days Nationwide strike - 23-24 Feb-2022


PLI-RPLI :: MDR (Merchant Discount Rate) Charges in r/o PLI / RPLI online transactions to be borne by Customers w.e.f 17-01-2022 .....


CCGEW :: webinar on "40 YEARS OF 1st ALL INDIA GENERAL STRIKE ON 19th JANUARY 1982 & IT'S RELEVANCE " (29th January 2022 at 06-00pm)


Tuesday, January 4, 2022


Message from CHQ ...

Com, I am receiving frequent phs asking for confirmation whether charge sheet of Com R N Parashar has already been dropped. No Comrade, it is simply rumour. It will take sometimes. But after yesterday's massive agitational program, overall situation is in our favour. So don’t worry. 

Officiating SG, NFPE.

AP Circle Union requests to change of holiday ... Sankranthi to Ugadi ...