Friday, June 18, 2021

Welcome to the selected GDS officials under compassionate appointment in Gudur division ......


GDS officials selected under compassionate appointment in Gudur Division ::

(1) S/s D. Lavanya  D/o D.Gopalareddy (BPM, Cherlopalli, deceased on 16-02-2020) -- 

selected as BPM, Cherlopalli BO  Rapuru SO

(2) S//s V.Mallikarjuna S//o V.Radhaiah, (GDSMC, Vallipedu, Vidyanagar SO , deceased on 23-10-2020) -

-selected as ABPM, Vk Satram SO)

(3) S/s K. Sirisha -- D/o K. Dasaradharamiah, (BPM, Jogipalli, Sydapuram SO- deceased on 21-07-2010) -- selected (under special drive) as BPM, Baddevolu, Manubolu SO.

NFPE Gudur heartfully welcomed the selected officials to assume their posts.   

AP Circle :: Payment of Honorarium to the officials ............. during demonetization period ............


Discontinuation of rosters in Telangana Circle ...w.e.f. 21-06-21




IPPB :: Annual Maintenance Charges (Rs.99 + GST) on Regular Savings Bank & Current Accounts opened on or after 21-06-21


Gudur HO : Floral tributes to Com.Adi on their 18th remembrance day ............


Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Com.Adinarayana - Remembrance day - 17th June .........


Condolences :: Sri T.Sudhakaraiah, formerly worked in Gudur Division passed away (16-06-2021)

Com.Shri T. Sudhakaraiah is the native of Addepudi Village under Yellasiri SO, Gudur Division. He was recruited in Gudur Division. A committed and dedicated member of NFPE  (Gr.C). He conducted many organizational meetings and programmes in the Division.

After marriage, he got transferred to Tirupati Division, besides maintaining good relations with all the members in both the divisions. He is aged about 53 years and few days back he attended the funeral ceremony of their mother,  lost her breath in Addepudi. It is known that he was suffering from kidney problem and attending for dialysis regularly. 

The sudden demise of Com.T.Sudhakaraiah is irreparable loss to the NFPE organization in Tirupati & Gudur. On behalf of NFPE, Gudur, expressing deep grief and paying home to the departed soul of Sudhakaraiah and condolences to the bereaved family members.