Tuesday, October 27, 2020

NFPE Strike Poster for 26-11-20 Nationwide one day strike ....


Condolences :: Shri V.Radhaiah, ABPM, Vallipedu, Vidyanagar SO passed away

 Very Sad News:

Sri.V. Radhaiah, ABPM, Vallipedu, BO.,    Vidyanagar  S.O expired on 26-10-20 (06-30pm)

    He is a sincere worker  and due to retire on superannuation on 7.1.2021 i.e., within 3 months, which is highly painful.

   Though he is not at present member of NFPE, we will pay Rs.3000/- towards funeral expenses tomorrow as per NFPE decission.

Further NFPE will try to get job to his son.

God may give strength to his family...


Gudur Division : Circular No.33 dtd.25-10-20