Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Retirement Felicitation of Sri L Narsimhulu  APM RD on 31/12/2013

Congrats To Com K.Chandra Sekhar Mail Overseer Gudur South,who has been elected as Asst General Secretory of AIPEU Postman /Gr-D Chq New Delhi in the Diamond Jubilee All India conference Held at Cuttak,Odissa from 29/12/2013 to 31/12/2013.

K.Chandrasekhar MSC ,BEd  Age 30 years Postman Service Fourth year running 
Retirement Felicitation of Sri L.Narsimhulu APM Rd Gudur HO
Transfer felicitaton to sri J Venkateswarlu MD/MC Yatalur On His transfer MD/MC BujaBuja Nellore  

Friday, December 27, 2013

Change your behaviour to develop yourself as a leader

Developing yourself as a leader is not easy: behavioural change is hard, time consuming, and frustrating. However, removing the five most common roadblocks to change can make your path to self improvement better: 

1) Take ownership. If you don't think you can change, you can't. Believe in your ability to change and take ownership before getting started. 

2) Be patient. Positive, lasting results take time, usually 50% to 100% longer than most people initially think. 

3) Accept difficulties. Real change takes real work. When setting out, be prepared to face challenges you didn't anticipate. 

4) Refuse to be distracted. Something more important will inevitably come up. You need to make your development a priority and refuse to let distractions divert your path. 

5) Maintain. Once you've started to see traction, don't declare victory. Sustainable change requires maintenance over a lifetime. 

Casual, Part Time, Contingent employees wage revision and Regularization- HUNGER FAST in front of Directorate

Thursday, December 26, 2013


The first Central Working Committee meeting after the last All India Conference was held at Guwahati from 14.12.2013 to 15.12.2013.

1.      The Confederation decision including strike action for inclusion of GDS demands in 7th CPC, DA merger etc has been endorsed.

2.      The draft memorandum of P3 after its preparation inviting suggestions for the improvement of the same by all rank and file. An exclusive workshop will be conducted to discuss the draft memorandum and finalized thereafter.

3.      The upgradation of pay scale of PA/SA and supervisory posts will be given due importance while drafting the memorandum.

4.      The CWC endorses the decision of Confederation, demanding minimum wage as per 15thILC, 5 year wage revision, DA merger etc. and implement the Confederation programmes on 15 point Charter effectively.

5.      The CWC decided to insist the department to finalise the Cadre Review proposal within one month and in the event of non implementation of the same, programme of action will be finalized after consultation with NFPE and Postal JCA.

6.      The CWC directed all Divisional and Branches as well as the Circle Secretaries to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of NFPE in a be fitting manner by holding conventions, meetings, recognize the services of old leaders etc.

7.      The CWC requested all the divisions and branches to observe the JCA call on 05.02.2013 by holding one day fast demanding the regularisation of Casual labour and wage revision as per the 6th CPC rate.

8.      The CWC further requested all the branches to assist the All India Postal and RMS Pensioners Association in forming branches at circle and divisional levels.

9.      The CWC further appeals all the Divisions/Branches and Circle Secretaries to form AIPEU GDS (NFPE) at their level and extend fullest cooperation to popularize their demands and programmes of action culminating to indefinite strike if their genuine demand of Departmentalisation and remittance of their case to 7th CPC are not considered.

10.  The CWC decided to issue notice to the defaulting branches to remit Quota dues and other dues like Bhartiya Post and Publications before 10.01.2014 and in the event of non remittance, the CHQ will initiate action either suspending the branch or directing the DDO to remit the amount directly to Circle/CHQ.

11.  Apart from the above to end the Election dispute of Delhi circle, it has been resolved to conduct fresh conference by CHQ itself on the basis of actual membership being existed in the divisions.


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merger of 50% DA with effect from 1.1.2011- Confederation of Central Government Gazetted Officers’ Organisation 

Central gazetted officers finalise demands
A workshop organised by the Confederation of Central Government Gazetted Officers’ Organisations, Tamil Naduregion, has finalised the common minimum demands to be placed before the 7 Central Pay Commission, including a just and equitable pay at the entry level of Group ‘B’ officers. 
It was also agreed upon at the workshop here on Saturday to demand a joint consultative machinery to redress their grievances and a minimum of five promotions during their tenure — from entry to Group ‘B’ level either by promotion or direct recruitment.
The workshop for the constituents of the Confederation sought merger of 50 per cent dearness allowance for all purposes with effect from January 1, 2011 or 100 per cent DA with effect from January 1, 2014 for the serving officers. Other demands included free and hassle-free medical facilities to Group ‘B’ officers and adequate travel entitlements.


Calendar of Departmental Examinations 2014 ( IndiaPost ) 


Sl No.
Name of the Examination
Proposed Schedule tentatively
(A)Centralised Examination
Inspector of Posts Examination
23rd and 24th August 2014
Ps Gr ‘B’ Examination
Postmaster Grade – I Exam
LGO Examination for PAs/SAs in Circle
24th August 2014 Sunday
Junior Engineer( C&E)Examination
Will be notified after receipt of Question Banks and syllabus revised . For the vacancies of previous years.
Assistant Engineer ( C&E)Examination
Same as Above
Sr Postmaster Examination
Tentatively proposed to be held on October 2014, by which time it is expected that court verdicts will be pronounced.
PAs/SAs Direct Recruitment Examination
March 2014 for 2013 vacancies. Another recruitment in November 2014 for 2014 vacancies.
Assistant Manager ( MMS)
Will be notified after receipt of revised Recruitment rules /question Banks and syllabus revised.
Assistant accounts Officer (AAO)
 As Above.

Sl No.
Name of the Examination
Proposed Schedule tentatively
(B) Decentralised Examination
Confirmation Examination for direct recruit Jr Accountants in PAO
17th & 18th may 2014
LDCs to Junior Accountants in PAOs
14th &15th June 2014
LGO Examination for promotion to Assistants of other wings i.e. MMS , Foreign Post, RLO, Stores Depot and CO/RO
20th July 2014
Postman Examination
Direct Recruitment to Multi tasking Staff
To be held in October for 2014 vcancies.
PO&RMS Accountant Examination
25th May,2014
Departmental Examination for promotion to LDCs in PAOs from Sorters and MTS.
Departmental Examination for promotion to LDCs in PAOs from MTS qualified in matriculation


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Health benefits of having Oats daily 

Oats are rich in fibre and a good source to boost your energy. But there are several other reasons why you must include oats in your daily diet.

We give you 13 reasons to have oats daily, whether it is for breakfast or as a snack.

Improves immune system
Oats contain a fibre called beta glucans which has been extensively studied over the years. Beta glucans is also present in yeast, barley and different mushrooms. Why is it important? Well, beta glucans is known to fight viruses, bacteria and parasites there by boosting your immune system.

Great for weight loss
Oats and fibre are synonymous with each other. Digestion of oats is a slow process; when you consume oats the body will absorb it steadily. Since the process is a slow one you feel satiated and full for a longer duration. In simple words, oats reduces your hunger pangs and prevents you from indulging in oily and salted food.

Improves digestion
Since oats have a rich source of fibre, it aids digestion. It works for constipation and also works as a natural laxative. While over the counter laxatives may provide quick relief it tends to reduce body weight drastically too, but oats maintains healthy body weight. Consume oats to improve your bowel movements, as it acts like a natural scrub for the intestines.

Oats for diabetics
Oats contains the lowest amount of glycemic index, that is, it has the least effect on blood sugar levels. For diabetics, it is important to increase your intake of oats as it controls the glucose levels in the blood. Oats also absorbs sugar which reduces the dependence of releasing insulin.

Cuts the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes
Oats reduces your dependence on insulin and can improve insulin sensitivity. In a study, there was approximately 40 percent reduction of insulin dosage. Oats are one of the diabetes friendly ingredients you must have.

Reduces high blood pressure
Consuming oats on a daily basis can help in lowering systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure. Under the supervision of a doctor, you may be able to completely stop having medication if you continue to have oats.

Reduce asthma risk 
Studies suggests that if you introduce oats based food to a child, the risks of developing asthma is scare. Apparently, in the same study also says that if you include fish in your child's diet at an early stage, it can prevent rhinitis.

Reduces cholesterol
The fibre present in oats works great for those with high cholesterol. Oats has the ability to reduce low density lipoprotein or LDL which is bad cholesterol. Oats' soluble fibre helps trap cholesterol and eliminate it.

Fights cancer
Oats contains antioxidants vitamin E which prevents a build up of free radicals that can harm the body. Oats can reduce your chances of developing colon, breast and bowel cancer.

Increases libido
If you lack the sexual urge, then oats is your aphrodisiac. Who knew this boring and bland ingredient can boost your libido by balancing your testosterone and oestrogen.

Healthy skin
Looking for a natural method or home remedies to enhance your skin? Try oats to improve you skin health. Apparently you can apply oats for itchy skin, dry skin and irritated skin. Oats can work as facial packs too when mixed with yoghurt and honey.

Hangover cure
Next time you have a hangover prepare a bowl of oats. It will help to absorb the alcohol from the blood and reduces acidity too. A bowl of oats is all you need to reduce the effects of hangover.

Improves your mood
Certain foods can make you tired or bring down your mood. Then there are oats, it contains vitamin B6 which induces serotonin that preps up your mood and keeps you relaxed.
Source : http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com