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GST Registration and Enrollment Procedure for service tax assesses tax payers from 1.1.2017 : DoP Order.

Government starts online performance assessment system for bureaucrats

NEW DELHI: Probity, Sparrow and Solve -- these are the three new buzzwords for the central government by which bureaucrats and their service records are now going to be assessed through online portals to take the big call on retiring the non-performers or identifying those lacking integrity. 

The latest is the 'Online Probity Management System' launched by the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) few days ago in association with other ministries to assess the integrity and performance levels of officers. 

The government has been assessing the performance of all officers who have turned 50 or 55 or have completed 30 years of service to decide whether they be allowed to continue in service or compulsorily retired. 

"Since the number of officers under review is huge, it involves lot of paperwork at ministries and the submission of regular physical reports. 

The new 'Probity' portal makes the process completely online by which ministries can now submit their reports online and the government gets a birds eye-view of the status on one portal," a government official told ET. 
The Minister of State for DoPT and PMO Jitendra Singh on Tuesday said 30 Group A officers and 99 Group B officers had been sent on retirement in the past few months. Citing the huge number of officer records being scanned, Singh said 24,000 Group A officers and 42,251 Group B officers were put under the scanner before the recent compulsory retirements while the government was looking into service records of another 34,451 Group A officers and 42,521 from Group B to check on non-performers.
The new 'Probity' portal is also monitoring the rotation of officers on sensitive and non-sensitive posts to identify officers occupying sensitive positions for over three months, a senior bureaucrat told ET. 

The Sparrow (Smart performance appraisal report recording online window) system of the DoPT is meanwhile being used to make the entire appraisal system online and accessible for review by the ministries concerned. 

The DoPT has recently extended 'Sparrow' from just the IAS cadre to 13 cadres, including the central secretariat services (CSS). An official said the idea is to make the 'Probity' and 'Sparrow' portals work in conjunction. The third DoPT portal is 'Solve' --a system for online vigilance enquiry for board-level appointees. 

There is a plan to expand this portal for other employees to help the government coordinate between 'Probity', 'Sparrow' and 'Solve' portals to assess officers' performance and integrity.
Achievements of Department of Posts over past three years

Applicability of Central Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2016 to persons re-employed in Government Service after retirement and whose pay is debitable to Civil Estimates/ Fixation of pay of State Govt.Employees on their appointment in Central Govt, subsequent to the implementation of CCS (Revised Pay) Rules,2016 (Click the link below to view)
GRAMIN DAK SEVAK RESULT 2017 GDS RESULT GDS MERIT LIST CUT OFF ग्रामीणडाक सेवक ALL CIRCLE RESULT 2017   To view the details of vacancies circle wise, selection process etc, please CLICK HERE. 

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Cadre Restructuring orders issued in Vijayawada Region

It is learnt that the orders have been issued by R.O, Vijayawada for implementation of Cadre Restructuring in Gr.C cadre in the Divisions of Vijayawada Region :

Divisions :
PSD, Vijayawada

Friday, May 26, 2017



No. 01-07/2016-SPB-1
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi-110001.
Dated: 22 May, 2017

            1. All CPMsG
            2. All PMsG
            3. Director, Rafi Ahmed Kidwai National postal Academy, Ghaziabad
            4. All Directors, PTC
            5. All Directors, Postal Accounts 6. Controller, Foreign Mails, Mumbai
            7. Heads of all other Administrative Offices.
Subject: Regarding allotment of GPF Account Numbers to Casual Labourers with temporary status.

            Reference is invited to Directorate’s letter No. 01-07/2016-SPB-I of even No. dated 12.09.2016 vide which clarifications in respect of Casual Labourers with temporary status were issued. The Directorate has received references from Postal Circles seeking clarification as to whether GPF account numbers should be allotted to Temporary Status Casual Labourers covered under the Scheme formulated vide Directorate’s letter No. 45-95/87-SPB-I dated 12.04.1991.

2.         In this regard, it is clarified that Directorate’s letter No. 01-07/2016-SPB-I dated 22.07.2016 restores the provisions of the scheme as it existed prior to this Department’s letter no. 45-6/2005-SPB-I dated 02.09.2005. Since, the benefit of GPF was available to temporary status Casual Labourers prior to 02.09.2005, GPF account numbers may be allotted to such Casual Labourers for the purpose of contribution in GPF including those Temporary Status Casual Labourers who have not been regularized as yet. In this context, provisions of above said letter, dated 12.09.2016 may also be taken into consideration.
Yours faithfully,

(Satya Narayana Dash)
Assistant Director General (SPN)

Cadre restructure promotion orders were released at Tamilnadu circle

Group C - LSG /HSG II/HSG I promotion orders were released at Tamilnadu circle yesterday (24/05/2017).

Total LSG Posts at Tamilnadu 2967 after cadre restructure

Recently two lists for (181+1506) LSG promotion released.
so total 1687 officials are promoted.

Still 1280 members are yet to be promoted. Before C.R, LSG may be nearly 400. So balance 880

For 1687 promotions it was required, 5 years recruited officials from 1987 to 1992.

For remaining 880 posts, and declined posts, it may stretch upto 2000 PA recruitment.

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5 Important Steps on Selection process for GDS Posts

It is purely on Merit basis based on 10th marks and preference selected by you at the time of submission of online application through appost.in

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Fixing Very Good as Benchmark for granting MACP is not acceptable

All India Railwaymen Federation
D.O.No.AIRF/MACPSDated: May 22, 2017

Dear Shri Mittal Ji,
Sub: Recommendations of 7th CPC on benchmark for the purpose of MACPS – Clarification reg.

Ref.: Railway Board’s letter No.PC-V/2016/MACPS/1 dated 19.05.2017

This issue has been discussed with you on several occasions individually as well as jointly, where I mentioned that, the Cabinet Secretary has agreed to us that, the Railways being working under different working conditions, and for operation of the trains, a flow process system is in vogue, that is the reason, in the selections for various posts and categories; benchmarking system had been introduced after VI CPC when DoP&T issued instructions that, financial upgradation under MACPS should be based on “Very Good” benchmark. Even DoP&T agreed that the same benchmark should be used for MACPS which is in vogue for selection in case of the Railway employees.

Now, it is a matter of utter surprise that, on the reference as well as reply from the DoP&T, the Railways had issued instructions for “Very Good” benchmark for financial upgradation under MACPS. This issue is very sensitive and will definitely create lots of agitations because, in the MACPS benchmark of “Very Good” will be considered for consecutive three years. In most of the cases employees will be deprived of from MACPS. Since Railways are working in a flow process system, wherein, instead of individual contribution, joint contribution of the employees has their weightage.

We sincerely hope that, you will kindly intervene in the matter and as has been advised by the Cabinet Secretary, the same benchmark, which is prevalent for selection should be in vogue in case of MACPS also.

Yours sincerely,
(Shiva Gopal Mishra)

Kerala GDS Recruitment temporarily held up!!!

Leave Encashment on LTC

Leave Encashment on LTC in extended period: Similar relaxation for Railway Employees while availing Privilege Pass/PTO


RBE No. 48 / 2017
New Delhi, dated: 16.05.2017.

All Zonal Rallways/PUs, etc
(As per mailing list) .

Subject: Recommendations of 6th Central Pay Commission – Encashment of Leave on Average Pay (LAP) while availing Privilege Pass / PTO – relaxation of Rule – reg.

Attention is Invited to Board’s letters of even number dated 29.10.2008 & 02.02.2011 on the above mentioned subject.

2. The provisions of encashment of leave while availing Pass/PTO were. relaxed vide Board’s letter dated 15.12.2014 on receipt of representations from Railway employees who failed to avail of the benefit during the previous, block period despite availing Pass/PTO and leave during that block period.

3. In terms of Rule 10 of the CCS(LTC) Rules, 1988, a Government servant who is unable to avail of the leave travel concession within a particular block of two years or four years may avail of the same within the first year of the next block of two years or four years. This means, a government servant, governed by CCS (LTC) Rules, 1988. can all encashment of leave twice – one while availing LTC for the current Block and another for the carry forwarded LTC of the preceding Block. Similar provision is not available in the Railway Services (Liberalized Leave) Rules, 1949 contained in IREC Vol. I / 1985 – Edition.

4. Despite giving one time relaxation mentioned in pars 2 above, representations are all being received for relaxation of the provisions of the encashment of leave for the previous Block periods. .

5. The Competent Authority after. examining the matter has decided that railway employees, who failed to avail of the benefit of encashment of leave in the preceding block period of two years, which ended on 31.08.2016 and onwards, can avail of the same within the first year of the succeeding block period of two years by fulfilling all conditions stipulated in this regard.

(G. Priya Sudarsani)
Joint Director Finance(Estt.),
Railway Board

Source: NFIR

Staff Selection Commission (SSC) MTS Examination Cancelled

Staff Selection Commission (SSC) has published that the SSC MTS Examination has been cancelled owing to leakage of papers. The organization is now going to conduct online exam during September / October 2017.

"The Commission has taken a decision to cancel the Multi-Tasking Staff (Non-Technical) Examination,2016 in the OMR based mode for all 5 days (viz. the examinations already conducted on 30.4.2017 and 14.5.2017, and to be conducted on 28.5.2017, 4.6.2017 and 11.6.2017). The said examination would now be conducted by the Commission afresh in the computer based mode, tentatively during the month of September-October, 2017. The details in this regard would be hosted on the website of the Commission in due course."
Notice: Click Here



ON 10th June 2017 Saturday

Time – 2 PM to 6 PM

About 1000 delegates from all affiliates/states will participate.
As per the decision of the joint meeting of Confederation and AISGEF, it is decided to organize a National Convention on NPS (Contributory Pension Scheme) at New Delhi on 10th June 2017 at MPCU Shah Auditorium from 2 PM to 6 PM. The main intention of the National Convention is to intensify the struggle against the NPS (Contributory Pension Scheme) and also against large scale outsourcing of Government functions. Eventhough initially the convention is organized by Confederation and AISGEF only, many other like-minded organisations in many public sector undertakings like Banks, Insurance, BSNL, Pensioners organisations etc. shall join the struggle in future and efforts are on to make it a bigger platform and biggest movement against the NPS and outsourcing which are imposed as a part of policy offensives of those Governments implementing neo-liberal reforms.

Out of 1000 delegates AISGEF will mobilise 650 and Confederation 350. All affiliates organisations and C-O-Cs of Confederation shall mobilise delegates from all states. Major organisations shall mobilise maximum (NFPE – 100, ITEF-50, Audit-20, Civil Accounts-20, Atomic Energy-10, Ground Water Board-20, others – 5 each, C-O-Cs-Delhi – 50 others – 5 each). Please start the mobilization and campaigning now onwards to ensure participation of delegates as per the above quota from all organisation and also from all states.

Detailed future course of programme of action will be announced in the Resolution to be adopted in the National Convention. As almost 40 to 50% of the Central an State Government employees comes under the purview of NPS, efforts may be made to reach out to all those younger generation employees and to ensure their full participation in the struggle programmes to be announced by the National Convention.


(During lunch hour or any convenient time to be decided locally)


As already reported the entire Central Government employees and pensioners are very much aggrieved and agitated over the totally indifferent and negative attitude of the NDA Government against their genuine and legitimate demands. Their anger and protest was visible in the 16th March 2017 one day strike and also in the mass dharna organized in front of Finance Minister’s office and other state/District Centres on 23.05.2017. As the dominant organisations in the NJCA and also JCM National Council Staff Side are not ready for reviving the deferred indefinite strike, the entire employees and pensioners including Autonomous body employees and Pensioners are looking at Confederation as the only organisation of hope which is sincere to their cause.

As the next phase of our agitation, Confederation National Secretariat has decided to organize HUMAN CHAIN OF CENTRAL GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES AND PENSIONERS ON 22.06.2017, Thursday, in front of all major Central Government offices at all major Centres. The time can be either lunch hour on any other convenient time fixed locally. Leaders of all fraternal organisations who are supporting our cause may also be invited to be a part of the human chain.

Maximum participation of employees and pensioners may be ensured in the programme. The draft pledge (Oath) to be taken by the participants of the human chain (which may be announced by one leader through sound amplifier and repeated by all participants) will be exhibited in the Confederation website shortly. The same may be translated to local language and printed copies distributed to all participants of the human chain. Big and long banners are to be exhibited in front of the human chain with name of Confederation and demands prominently written on it. If possible a meeting of all participants may be arranged after the pledge (after the human chain) and leaders may address such meetings. Maximum publicity should be given through print and electronic media and also social media.

(M. Krishnan)

Secretary General


Mob &Whatsapp – 09447068125

E-mail: mkrishnan6854@gmail.com
Central Head Quarters:
2151/1, Dada Ghosh Bhawan, New Patel Road, New Delhi – 110008

No. CL/GENL/2016-19                                                                 Dated 25.05.2017


Shri. M. Sampath
Chief Postmaster General,
Tamilnadu Circle,
Anna Road, Chennai – 600002


Sub:- Denial of revised wages with effect from 01.01.2006 to the Casual, Part-time, contingent and daily rated mazdoors working in various offices of Tamilnadu Postal Circle – Notice for indefinite hunger fast in front of Chief PMG office from 27th June 2016-regarding.

1.    Your kind intervention is requested to redress the following genuine grievances of the most-exploited and low-paid poor Casual Labourers working in various offices of Tamilnadu Postal Circle. They are mostly unorganized and marginalized and hence your goodself alone can do justice to them.

2.    Department of Posts issued orders on 22.01.2015 (ie. Two years back) for payment of revised wages to Casual, Part-time, contingent and daily-rated mazdoors working in the Postal department with effect from 01.01.2006, consequent on revision of minimum pay of Central Government employees by the Government as per the recommendations of 6th CPC.

3.    On receipt of the Directorate orders some Chief Postmaster Generals (Kerala, Andhra etc.) sought clarifications on two points (1) who is a causal labourer and (2) to whom Directorate orders are applicable.

4.    Directorate issued detailed clarifications as follows:
Point No.1 – who is a Casual Labourer?
Clarification vide Directorate order No. 45-24/86-SPB-I dated 17.05.2009 re-circulated in OM 2-53/2011-PCC dated 17.06.2016.
“It is hereby clarified that all daily wagers working in Post offices or RMS offices or in Administrative offices or PSD’s/MMS under different designations (Mazdoors, Casual Labourers, contingent paid staff, daily wager, daily rated mazdoors, oursiders) are to be trealed as Casual labourers. Those casual labourers who are engaged for a period of eight (8) hours duty a day should be described as “full time casual labourers” and those who are engaged for a period less than eight hours a day should be described as “part-time casual labourers”. All other designations should be discontinued.”

Point No. 2 – To whom Directorate orders dated 22.01.2015 are applicable.
Clarification – “The Spirit of this Directorate’s OM dated 22.01.2015 is to allow revised remuneration to such full-time, part-time casual labourers, who have physically worked or who continue to work as such in that Capacity, with no ambiguity whatsoever.”

5.    The above two clarificatory orders issued by the Directorate set at rest all the doubts regarding payment of revised wages to causal labourers with effect from 01.01.2006. Accordingly almost all the Circles started paying revised wages to casual labourers.

6.   But, we regret to inform you that, evenafter a lapse of two years the above orders are not yet implemented in Tamilnadu Circle for reasons best known to the administration and the eligible revised wages and arrears from 01.01.2006 are not yet paid to the poor causal labourers.

7.    Further, Directorate has already issued orders, again revising the wages of causal, part-time, contingent and daily-rated mazdoors with effect from 01.01.2016, consequent on revision of minimum pay of Central Government employees by the Government vide Directorate OM No. 7-10/2016-PCC dated 31.03.2017. This revision was also not made applicable in Tamilnadu Circle.

8.    The above issue was discussed several times in the past by the Unions/Associations with the Circle administration. But the issue still remains unsettled and the causal labourers are deprived of their legitimate right for revised wages. The Central Working Committee meeting of the All India Postal, Casual, Part-time, contingent and contract workers Federation held at Hyderabad on 22.04.2017, viewed with grave concern the totally negative attitude of the Tamilnadu Circle administration and decided to organise serious agitational programmes for redressal of the genuine grievances of Casual Labourers of Tamilnadu Circle demanding-
       (i)   Immediate revision of wages of all Casual, part-time, contingent and daily-rated mazdoors as per Directorate orders cited above with effect from 01.01.2006 and again from 01.01.2016
        (ii)  Immediate payment of eligible arrears as per above cited Directorate orders to all Casual, part-time, contingent and daily rates mazdoors.

9.   Accordingly, notice is hereby given to the Chief Postmaster General, Tamilnadu Circle, that the leaders of the All India Postal Casual, part-time, contingent and contract workers Federation shall commence indefinite hunger fast in front of Chief PMG office Tamilnadu Circle with effect from 27.06.2017, Tuesday from 10 AM alongwith the members of the Federation.

10. We earnestly hope that the Circle administration shall come forward to negotiate and settle the above mentioned genuine and legitimate demands of the Casual labourers without precipitating the issues further. We sincerely want to avoid a confrontation with the Circles administration. We like to make it clear in case of our demands are not settled before 27.06.2017, the Circle administration alone shall be responsible for the consequences arising out the indefinite hunger fast.
Awaiting positive action

Yours faithfully,

            (P. Mohan)                                                                                  (M. Krishnan)
            General Secretary                                                                       President &
                                                                                                                Member, Standing Committee
                                                                                                                National Council JCM