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FAQ on Maternity Leave

Question: When I can start the maternity leave?
Answer: You can start your maternity leaves six weeks before the expected date of your delivery.

Question: Can I work till the day of my delivery so that I can have more time with my baby?
Answer: Yes, You can work up to the day of your delivery and then also you will be entitled for the maternity benefit

Question: Can I ask my office to give me lighter jobs during pregnancy to avoid physical strain?
Answer: You can definitely ask your boss to change your duties if your job involves long standing time, working with obnoxious, hazardous chemicals or any type of work which can be harmful for mother or baby’s health and development.

Question: What will happen if I join office before completing my maternity leave?
Answer: If you join the office before the completion of your maternity leave period, your maternity benefits automatically gets cancelled. So if you need to do some office job during maternity leave period, do it as obligatory rather than formally joining the office. Remember, office cannot compel you to join during maternity leave.

Question: Can I extend leaves for the care of the child, after the maternity leaves are over?
Answer: As per CCS rules for government employees, maternity leaves can be combined with any kind of leaves (including commuted leave up to 60 days and leave not due) and extendable up to one year in continuation without medical certificate. Remember the leaves to be taken up in continuation; if you join office, then this rule does not apply. For private sector companies, the policy differs from company to company and one needs to check their company’s HR policy for details.

Question: Can Casual Leaves be combined with Maternity leaves?
Answer: No, Casual Leaves cannot be combined with maternity leave

Question: Now, the Government has given one more leave to women employees i.e. Child Care Leave. Can it be combined with Maternity Leave?
Answer: Yes, It can be combined with Maternity leave. remember, not to join back in the office. As soon as you join back your maternity benefits gets cancelled.

Question: Can CL be combined with Maternity Leave?
Answer: Not since CL is not considered a leave.

Question: I’ve adopted a new born baby, am I eligible for maternity leave?
Answer: Yes it is clearly allowed now

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FAQ on Child Care Leave (CCL)

Frequently Asked Questions on Child Care Leave


FAQ On Child Care Leave

Question: Who Are Entitled For Child Care Leave?
Answer: Child Care Leave Can Be Granted To Women Employees Having Minor Children Below The Age Of 18 Years, For A Maximum Period Of 2 Years (I.E. 730 Days) During Their Entire Service, For Taking Care Of Up To Two Children Whether For Rearing Or To Look After Any Of Their Needs Like Examination, Sickness Etc. Child Care Leave Shall Not Be Admissible If The Child Is Eighteen Years Of Age Or Older.
Question: Am I Eligible To Draw Salary For The Period For Which Child Care Leave Is Availed?
Answer: During The Period Of Such Leave, The Women Employees Shall Be Paid Leave Salary Equal To The Pay Drawn Immediately Before Proceeding On Leave.
Question: Whether Child Care Leave Can Be Combined With Any Other Leave?
Answer: It May Be Combined With Leave Of The Kind Due And Admissible
Question: Whether Child Care Leave Is Applicable For Third Child?
Answer: No. CCL Is Not Applicable To Third Child.
Question: How To Maintain Child Care Leave Account?
Answer: The Leave Account For Child Care Leave Shall Be Maintained In The Proforma Prescribed By Govt, And It Shall Be Kept Along With The Service Book Of The Government Servant Concerned
Question: Whether CCL Can Be Claimed As A Matter Of Right?
Answer: The Intention Of The Pay Commission In Recommending Child Care Leave For Women Employees Was To Facilitate Women Employees To Take Care Of Their Children At The Time Of Need. However, This Does Not Mean That CCL Should Disrupt The Functioning Of Central Government Offices. The Nature Of This Leave Was Envisaged To Be The Same As That Of Earned Leave
Question: Whether We Can Prefix Or Suffix Saturdays, Sundays, And Gazetted Holidays?
Answer: As In The Case Of Earned Leave, We Can Prefix Or Suffix Saturdays, Sundays, And Gazetted Holidays With The Child Care Leave.
Question: Should We Have Any Earned Leave In Credit For The Purpose Of Taking Child Care Leave?
Answer: There Was A Condition Envisaged In The Office Memorandum Relevant To Child Care Leave To The Effect That CCL Can Be Availed Only If The Employee Concerned Has No Earned Leave At Her Credit. However, This Condition Was Withdrawn By The Government And As Such There Is No Need For Having EL In Credit To Avail CCL.
Question: Whether CCL Can Be Availed Without Prior Sanction?
Answer: Under No Circumstances Can Any Employee Proceed On CCL Without Prior Approval Of The Leave Sanctioning Authority.
Question: Can We Avail CCL For The Children Who Are Not Dependents?
Answer: The Child Care Leave Would Be Permitted Only If The Child Is Dependent On The Government Servant.
Question: Is There Any Other Condition Apart From The Total Number Of Holidays And The Age Of The Child?
Answer: The Conditions Regarding Spell Of CCL, Imposed Upon By The Government Are That It May Not Be Granted In More Than 3 Spells In A Calendar Year
Further, CCL Should Not Ordinarily Be Granted During The Probation Period Except In Case Of Certain Extreme Situations Where The Leave Sanctioning Authority Is Fully Satisfied About The Need Of Child Care Leave To The Probationer. It May Also Be Ensured That The Period For Which This Leave Is Sanctioned During Probation Is Minimal
Question: Whether Earned Leave Availed For Any Purpose Can Be Converted Into Child Care Leave? How Applications Should Where The Purpose Of Availing Leave Has Been Indicated As ‘Urgent Work’ But The Applicant Claims To Have Utilized The Leave For Taking Care Of The Needs Of The Child, Be Treated?
Answer: Child Care Leave Is Sanctioned To Women Employees Having Minor Children, For Rearing Or For Looking After Their Needs Like Examination, Sickness Etc. Hence Earned Leave Availed Specifically For This Purpose Only Should Be Converted.
Question: Whether All Earned Leave Availed Irrespective Of ‘Number Of Days I.E. Less Than 15 Days, And Number Of Spells Can Be Converted? In Cases Where The CCL Spills Over To The Next Year: For Example 30 Days CCL From 27th December, Whether The Leave Should Be Treated As One Spell Or Two Spells’?
Answer: No. As The Instructions Contained In The OM Dared 7.9.2010 Has Been Given Retrospective Effect, All The Conditions Specified In The OM Would Have To Be Fulfilled For Conversion Of The Earned Leave Into Child Care Leave. In Cases Where The Leave Spills Over To The Next Year, It May Be Treated As One Spell Against The Year In Which The Leave Commences
Question: Whether LTC Can Be Availed During Child Care Leave?
Answer: LTC Cannot Be Availed During Child Care Leave As Child Care Leave Is Granted For The Specific Purpose Of Taking Care Of A Minor Child For Rearing Or For Looking After Any Other Needs Of The Child During Examination, Sickness Etc
Question: Whether Child Care Leave Is Applicable To All India Services?
Answer: Yes. Child Care Leave Is Applicable To Employees Under All India Services
Question: Whether Govt. Servant Can Be Permitted To Leave Station/ Go Abroad While On CCL?
Answer: Childcare Leave Is Granted To A Woman Employee To Take Care Of The Needs Of The Minor Children. If The Child Is Studying Abroad Or The Government Servant Has To Go Abroad For Taking Care Of The Child She May Do So Subject To Other Conditions Laid Down For This Purpose.

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