Monday, February 27, 2017

GDS Local meeting at Sydapuram SO on 26.02.17 on 1 day 16.03.2017 Strike

India Post Bank is likely to tap World War-era tech to garner business

It is back to basics for India Post Payments Bank (IPPB). It is tapping into World War-era phone-based technology and its vast network of postman to target a customer base of around 850 million, which either have no access to telephony or still depend on feature phones. 

“Banks and payments banks are two different things.Over 90% households have access to bank accounts. So, we are targeting remittances and bill payments,“ said an officer at the bank, which launched operations a month ago, offering 5.5% interest on deposits. 

Unlike full-fledged banks, payments banks can accept deposits up to Rs 1lakh and have to mandatorily park 75% of funds in government bonds.They are not allowed to offer loans either. 

With its network of over 1.5 post offices, IPPB is seen to be a major competitor for banks, especially in rural areas and small towns. The bank, floated by India Post, is running behind schedule as it is yet to tie up with a technology vendor for its banking services. But it is still targeting 2 crore customers in the first year with business of around Rs 450 crore.By the fifth year, the bank hopes to have eight crore customers with a business of Rs 2,500 crore. 

A key focus area for IPPB is one billion bills that are paid every month, with the average ticket size being Rs 300. This is where Giro -an electronic fund transfer tool used in Europe and Japan -will come in handy . Apart from helping customers settle bills, a worker in a city can add his wife or mother as a beneficiary and transfer funds into their accounts by issuing instructions to a call centre. The wife or the mother will then use Aadhaar based authentication to withdraw funds either at a post office or ask a postman to deliver cash at home, for which a small fee may be levied. 

IPPB is also in talks with the rural development ministry for accessing details of NREGA beneficiaries and pensioners getting funds under the National Social Assistance Programme.Again, idea is to make the payments Aadhaar-based to minimise leakages.

New Passport Seva Kendra at Salem HPO by February end

All works on setting up the Post Office Passport Seva Kendra (POPSK) proposed by the Ministry of External Affairs at Salem East Postal Division Head Post Office (HPO) are nearing completion and the new facility will be commissioned by February end.
S. Sasikumar, Regional Passport Officer, Coimbatore, told presspersons here on Monday that the MEA decided to open POPSKs in 56 centres across the country with the support of the Department of Posts in the respective head post offices.

The pilot projects were inaugurated at the Head Post Office in Mysuru in Karnataka and the post office at Dahod in Gujarat on January 25. The POPSK at these two centres have been running successfully since their inauguration.

The list of 56 POPSK’s included included two in Tamil Nadu – Salem city under the jurisdiction of Coimbatore Regional Passport Office and Vellore.

Applicants from Salem district can submit their applications through the POPSK and the works of processing, police verification and interview will be done here itself.

Mr. Sasikumar said that initially the staff from the Regional Passport Office, Coimbatore, would handle the POPSK. Simultaneously, training would be imparted to the Postal Department staff who would be posted at a later period.

It has been targeted to receive and process applications ranging between 150 and 200 per day in the new POPSK.

Replying to a question, Mr. Sasikumar said that on an average, the Regional Passport Office at Coimbatore registered an increase of 10 to 15 per cent applications every year. The MEA recently liberalised various rules for the submission of applications for the passport due to which the receipt of applications had increased to about 30 per cent.

Accompanied by B. Arumugam, Senior Superintendent of Post Offices, Salem East Postal Division, and K. Mariappan, president, Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry-Salem, Mr. Sasikumar inspected the works in progress at the venue.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Circle Union requests Chief PMG, Odisha Circle for a discussion with the representatives of AIPEU, Group-C, Odisha Circle before issue of posting orders to the approved LSG officials as a part of implementation of Cadre Restructuring Proposal

No. P3NFPE – Odisha / 08 – 02 / 2017
Dated at Bhubaneswar the 23rd   February, 2017
Dr. Santosh Ku. Kamila, IPoS
Chief Postmaster General, Odisha Circle
Bhubaneswar – 751 001

Sub :   Permission to the selected representatives of AIPEU, Group-C, Odisha Circle for discussion with the Chief PMG, Odisha  on implementation of Cadre Restructuring Proposal of Group-C Postal Employees in Odisha Circle  -  Request regarding.

Respected Sir,
Most regretfully, we would like to bring it to your kind notice that though we had requested vide our letter dated 27.01.2017 first to complete the selection process for  HSG-I and HSG-II cadre and then go for LSG cadre to avoid any dislocation in managing the huge number of vacant posts under both the  higher selection grades, our letter was neither acknowledged nor responded till date.

We are in doubt if our letter has been brought to the kind notice of the Chief PMG or not.

Contradictorily, the Circle Office has now completed the DPC for LSG cadre and the approved officials have been allotted region-wise vide C O Memo No. ST/26-6(1)/2017(Postal), dated 23.02.2017.

After analyzing the above memo we noticed some deficiencies as follows.

1.    The names of some senior officials especially belonging to reserved category are seen omitted.

2.    While 7 Divisions have been allotted with 94 surplus LSG officials, 191 such officials were found short in rest 11 Divisions  in comparison to the respective Divisional sanctioned strength which may create serious dislocation while adjusting the surplus officials from one Division in another Division(s) which fall(s) short of the sanctioned strength. Now question arises as to how these vacancies will be filled in to keep the sanctioned strength constant. The Cadre Restructuring Proposal is silent about the issue and there is no guideline from the Directorate in this regard. It is also not known whether Circle Office has sought for any clarification from the Directorate.

3.    The approved list contains the name of some SAs, B Es, Trainers, CPC Supervisors and PLI Group Leaders also who are now supposed to be posted as LSG SPMs in the identified S Os since the existing  posts  against which these employees are working are not created and have not also been identified as LSG.

Now question arises as to how these posts will be manned if they are diverted from the current jobs. There may be complete dislocation in undertaking the day to day activities with regard to system failure and software issues if the experienced S As are diverted. Alternatively, if they are retained in their posts, then the proposed LSG posts against the said officials will remain vacant and the T S  P As may be forced to work  without any financial benefit which will be an injustice to them.

4.    In this context, our opinion is that  that there will be serious dislocation in functional activities of the post offices since  the posting order is being issued first for LSG cadre before filling the posts in HSG-I and HSG-II cadre under the cadre restructuring proposal. Since all the existing LSG posts have now been upgraded to HSG-II cadre, the existing LSG officials will certainly be disturbed from the present posts. Thus almost all the HSG-II posts will remain vacant till the exiting LSG officials are eligible for promotion as per the present norm.

Similar will be the position in HSG-I cadre also.

Thus, question arises as to how to manage these large number of HSG-II and HSG-I posts in the absence of eligible officials. Undoubtedly, the P As will be forced to man these posts without pay and seniority benefits and that will be a great injustice to such employees.

The above situations are just illustrative. We may come across several such deficiencies during the implementation of this Cadre Restructuring Proposal.

Under the circumstances, we would like to request you to  kindly to allow some selected representatives nominated by us as follows for a cordial discussion with the Official Side Chaired by the Chief PMG, Odisha Circle on the above issues before issuing the posting orders against the approved  LSG officials.

And till such time issue of posting orders to the approved LSG officials may kindly be stopped.

Sri Trilochan Parida
President, AIPEU, Group - C, Odisha Circle & B E, Uditnagar HO, Sundergarh
Sri Bruhaspati Samal
Circle Secretary, AIPEU, Group - C, Odisha Circle & Postmaster, Ashoknagar MDG, Bhubaneswar – 751 009
Sri G C Padhiary
Vice-President, AIPEU, Group - C, Odisha Circle & P A, Balasore  HO
Sri Pradeep Ku. Satpathy
Asst. Secretary, AIPEU, Group - C, Odisha Circle & P A, Burla MDG, Sambalpur
Sri Bishnu Prasad Das
Financial Secretary, AIPEU, Group - C, Odisha Circle & P A, Cuttack GPO
Sri Basant Ku. Pathy
Organizing Secretary, AIPEU, Group - C, Odisha Circle & Accountant, Aska H O

Awaiting your kind response, Sir.
With regards.
Yours faithfully,

Circle Secretary


Secretary General, NFPE camp at Dhanbad

Secretary General, CCGEW, camp at Trivendram ,KERALA


AIPEU GDS General Secretary attended a GDS meeting in Chittoor on 24-02-2017. The meeting chaired by Com.Nagamuni, President, Gr.C,. Com.V.Sudhakarnaidu, Vice President, Gr.C, A.P Circle, Com.Narayana Reddy, Asst. Circle Secretary, AIPEU GDS, Division & Branch Secretaries of Punganoor, Palamaner, Chittoor also attended. Meeting organized by Com.Sardar, Divisional Secretary, Gr., Chittoor division. 

7th Pay Commission – Bunching of stages in the revised pay structure under Central Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2016

No.A-60015/1/2016/MF.CGA(A)/NGE/7th CPC/6010
Government Of India
Ministry Of Finance
Department Of Expenditure
Controller General Of Accounts
Mahalekha Niyantrak Bhawan
E Block, GPO complex, INA
New Delhi – 110 023

Dated: 23rd February,2017

Sub: Recommendations of 7th Central Pay Commission – Bunching of stages in the revised pay structure under Central Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2016.

Consequent to the issue of implementation Cell, Department of Expenditure OM No.1-6/2016-IC dated 7th September,2016, a number of representations have been received from AAOs under this organization through their respective Min./Deptt. regarding fixation of pay by bunching of stages in comparison with Sh.Babu Balram Jee, AAO, CPWD, IBBZ-I, Malda M/o UD in terms of the OM ibid. With a view to facilitate the accounting organisations under CGA, the service Book of Sh. Babu Balram Jee, AAO duly audited has been obtained from the M/o UD. The Pay details of Sh.Babu Balram Jee, AAO are as follows:
Basic pay (Pay in the pay Band plus Grade Pay) in the pre revised structure on 1.1.2016:
Rs. 14900/-
(Rs.10100 + Rs.4800)
Revised Basic Pay on 1.1.2016 in terms of
Revised Pay Rules, 2016:
Rs. 47600/-
(1st Cell of 8th Level)
All respective accounting units of Ministries/Departments concerned may extend the benefit of bunching to eligible persons in adherence to the Department of Expenditure OM No.1-6/2016-IC dated 7th September, 2016. The statement of pay fixation under Central Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2016 of Sh.Babu Balram Jee, AAO is also enclosed.

This issues with the approval of the competent authority.
(Sandeep Malhotra)
Sr.Accounts Officer

Encl: As above.
Statement of Fixation of Pay under Central Civil Service (Revised Pay) Rule, 2016

Observe 6th March 2017

v Against the betrayal of Central Government employees and pensioners by Group of Ministers of NDA Government.
v  Demanding increase in minimum pay and fitment formula.

Dear comrades

          We know that all of you are in the midst of hectic preparation and campaign for making the 16thMarch Strike action a great success.  As has been explained in the article, which we have placed on our website, the NDA Government, led by BJP has exhibited the worst anti-employee attitude in the post independent  era of our country.  This Government has treated its own employees as its worst enemy. The decision taken by the Union Cabinet on 29th June, 2016 rejecting even the recommendations made by the high level committee chaired by the Cabinet Secretary was unprecedented. Even the setting up of various committees was nothing but an eye wash. Nothing will come out of that.  Even the NPS Committee on which the young comrades had pinned some hope of at least  getting a minimum guaranteed pension will produce nothing.  The discussions at the JCM fora has been converted into mostly monologues i.e. the official side simply listening and not reacting.  The Government, it appears, has made the Pension department to reject the one and only recommendation of the 7th CPC which was considered to be positive i.e. Option No.1 for pensioners on the specious ground that the same is not feasible to be implemented. The allowances committee has dilly dallied its deliberation and would now submit its report after the extended period of 6 months expires on 22.02.2017. Even if they make any positive recommendation, which is seldom expected, the NDA Government would not act upon it.  They have very successfully postponed the payment of the revised allowanced for 15 months. 

                In the face of such terrible onslaught, betrayal and chicanery, which no Government in the past has every indulged in,  it is surprising that some of our friends who has a predominant role in the movement of the Central Government employees has unfortunately chosen to wait and watch.  It appears that they have chosen to wait endlessly hurting the cause of the workers. 

                We have no hesitation to affirmatively state the obvious that we have chosen the right path, the path of struggles, which can only the choice of the working class against tyrannical attitude of the employer, howsoever, powerful they may be. We must realize that those who are  in the saddle of power today are not permanently posted there. We were witness to the abysmal downfall of persons who were arrogant personified.  It appears that the reasonableness, righteousness and patience we had exhibited have been taken as signs of cowardice. The undeniable fact is that those who fight, only can win. We, therefore, appeal to you to carry on with conviction and courage.

                Eight months will be over on 6th March, 2017, when the Group of Ministers held out the assurance of revisiting the minimum wage and multiplication factor.  It is now crystal clear that that was an act of chicanery.  No committee was set up  and no discussions were held to seriously consider the issue.  We, therefore, appeal to all of you to ensure that the day, i.e. 6thMarch, 2017 is observed as a day of betrayal and all our members are requested to wear a Black badge with the following words inscribed on it in bold letters and conduct demonstrations in front of all Central Government offices.
30th June & 6th JULY, 2016

6TH March 2017 must be yet another occasion to mobilize our members to ensure their participation in the 16th March, 2017 strike action and ultimately win all the demands in the charter. 

                We fight to win and we shall win.
                With greetings,
Yours fraternally,
(M Krishnan S/G Confd.)


No. Confdn/Sectt/2016 - 19                                               Dated 22.02.2017

To (1) All National Secretariat Members & Special Invitees

National Secretariat meeting of the Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers will be held on 13th April 2017 at NFPE office , North Avenue , New Delhi - 110001 at 10.30 AM. You are requested to attend the meeting in time. The following shall be the agenda of the meeting.

Agenda :
1. 16th March 2017 strike - Review and future course of action.
2. All India Trade Union Education Camp at Thiruvananthapuram on 6th & 7th May 2017.
3. Finalization of Venue and dates of All India Women's Trade Union Workshop.
4. Financial Review.
5. Any other items.

                                                    Yours fraternally,

Secretary General