Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Procedure for issuance of ATM card on PO Savings Account standing at branch post office

  • To avail ATM card facility, account holder shall fill SB-ATM,I form (ATM Card/ Internet/ Mobile/ SMS banking service request form) duly signed and submit SB-ATM-l form with passbook at concerned BO.
  • GDS BPM shall examine form and issue SB-28 receipt to the account holder for passbook collected.
  • GDS BPM shall send SB-ATMI form with passbook to respective account office duly entered in BO Journal/BO Daily Account.
  • After receipt of SB-ATMI form with passbook at account office, postmaster shall examine the form for eligibility of account holder for ATM card.
  • After issuance of ATM card, SPM shall keep SB-ATMI form in Guard File of SB-ATMI form.
  • On ATM Card issue register, SPM shall write the name of BO and date of dispatch of ATM card to BO and sign.
  • SPM shall put a remark on customer's PO Savings Account passbook for issuance of ATM card and sign.
  • SPM shall dispatch ATM card and passbook to concerned branch post office duly entered in BO slip.
  • On receipt of ATM card and passbook from account office, GDS BPM shall hand over the ATM card/passbook to the depositor under receipt on SB- 28, after taking back depositor's copy ofSB-28 and paste on the office copy.

Note: - PO Savings Account holder(s) of BO may also submit ATM request form along with passbook at account office and account office shall process the request as prescribed.

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