Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Highlights of Group C cadre restructure review committee report dated 10.11.17

Cadre restructure should be completed by 31.01.18 at all circles. Our all demands are accepted including non divisionalisation of LSG cadre which may create severe seniority issues.
Date of promotion would be 27.5.16 to all to maintain the uniformity at all circles.
No upgradation of ME/System admin posts but any LSG/HSG II/HSG I officials can be posted in those posts.

As per the office status and work load LSG posts can be identified and posted irrespective of 5PAs:1 LSG concept.

Here after LSG posts means not only for supervisor posts, as per the mdw they have to work operative work also.

In Tamilnadu circle, LSG Trr posts will be again downgraded to PA cadre and those officials have to be work as LSG in PM Grade II /HSG II above offices with PA and supervisory works as per that post MDW.

LSG officials posted at A class /PM Grade I offices shall be transferred to other offices. 

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