Friday, December 30, 2016


            A period of more than six months is going to be passed after notification of 7th Central Pay Commission’s Report and formation of various Committees to look in to the matters of allowances, advances, pension and new pension system. National Joint council of Action of all constituent organizations had given a call of indefinite Strike from 11th Jul 2016. A group of ministers comprising Hon`ble S/Shri Raj Nath Singh, Home Minister, Arun Jaitely, Finance minister, Suresh Prabhu, Railway Minister and Manoj Sinha State Minister Communication and Railway called on NJCA leaders and convened a meeting at the residence of Home Minister and after a detailed discussion it was decided that a high power committee will be constituted to look into the matters of revision of wages and fitment formula. But after their assurance no high power committee was formed and matter was simply given to anomaly Committee. Thus a very important issue was diluted. Now already more than 6 months period has elapsed. All the committees have to give their recommendations within 4 months.    Now 2 months period has been extended to these Committees.
            Now it is crystal clear that in this financial year government is not going to give anything to the employees.
            GDS Committee has also submitted its report to the Secretary (Posts) and Secretary (Post) has submitted this to Minister, Communication. Neither the copy of report has been given to the unions nor has it been published in website of the Department. We have protested on this strongly.
            In many of the region’s the revised wages and its arrear has  not been paid to the Casual Labourers.
            After implementation of demonetization postal employees have been suffering a lot. Now C.S.I.  is also going to be implemented in Postal Department which will further create more problems to staff.
            Though at the time of deferment of July -11 Strike, Confederation and NFPE was not convinced but for the sake of unity and keeping the assurance  given by the group of Ministers agreed to the decision of NJCA.
            But now seeing the attitude of Government, we cannot remain silent spectator. The formation of NFPE and Confederation has been laid on the earth of struggle.
            Keeping in view the all aspects and assessing the whole situation Confederation and NFPE decided to revive the struggle. A Series of programmes have been carried out during the period. The Parliament March conducted by Confederation and NFPE was a grand success despite all odds i.e. bad weather, cancellation of hundreds of trains and flights and Cyclone in Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh.
            In the Parliament March, the date of One Day Strike on 15th February -2017 was declared by Confederation leadership which was approved unanimously by the members assembled in rally.
            The Federal Secretariat of NFPE held on 19.12.2016 at NFPE Office, North Avenue New Delhi has also endorsed the decision of strike unanimously.
            We cannot remain silent spectator in this situation. We have to protest the retrograde policies of Government of India which are against the interests of common workers and common people. We have to eradicate the psycho fear of Government from the minds of workers.
            Keeping in mind our original Mantra”Unity for struggle and struggle for unity”   we have to march forward on the path of struggle to defeat the anti working class policies of Government and we have to achieve our genuine and legitimate demands.
             NFPE calls upon the entirety of Postal , RMS and GDS employees to take all effective measurers to make the One Day Strike  on 15th February -2017 a Grand Success.
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