Thursday, December 31, 2015


  • A customer has changed the name in Gazette and wants to change the name in all the accounts.
  • Invoke the menu CMRC and select the function MODIFY 
  • Change the required Last name, Preferred name and short name 
  • Click on Submit 
  • Verify the modified details using CMRC menu 
  • The Name change done in CIF will not get effected in Account level as this CIF has already been linked. 
  • Now to correct the name in account details, invoke the menu HAALM from operator 
  • Select the function MODIFY 
  • Enter the account number wherein the name change has to be done 
  • Click on GO 
  • The old account details will be displayed 
  • Required name to be changed in A/c Name and A/c Short name fields 
  • An exception will be thrown, click on Accept 
  • Verify the same using HAALM in Supervisor login 
  • An exception error will be thrown. Click on Accept 
  • Name has been changed successfully in the account

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