Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Save paper: Officials asked to write notes on both sides

With an aim of saving precious paper pulp, Labour Department of the Delhi government has asked all its officials, including all deputy commissioners, to write notes on both sides of paper and type in single space. 

The department has issued a circular directing officials to take such steps to minimise the impact on environment as trees are the major source of paper pulp production. 

"Injudicious use of paper not only leads to infructuous expenditure but also impacts the environment as trees are the major source of paper pulp production," said a senior government official. 

The official said notes should be typed/written on both sides of the paper or note sheet, adding that besides, typing should be done in single space. 

The department's move come after Finance Ministry recently issued such guidelines to all Ministries in this regard. 

According to the department, copies should not be typed again in the case the draft itself is legible and does not contain many corrections. 

It further added that policy instruction and guidelines issued through orders and office memorandums etc. may be uploaded on website and number of hard copies of such communication may be limited to the required minimum. 

Manual submission of forms etc., wherever stipulated, either under statutory obligations or otherwise, should be discouraged and switching over to e-forms, online submission of forms etc. may be encouraged, the department said.

Source : The Economic Times
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