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Sub: - Sanction of Rs.200/- per month under SDBS for the GDS officiating in postman & MTS short term vacancies – Reg.

Respected Madam,

It is brought to our notice that in many Divisions, the GDS are performing the duties in the vacant Postman & MTS posts in short term vacancies. The TRCA is being sanctioned for the post of GDS and drawn in favour of the substitutes for the said period.

The instructions laid down under Service Discharge Benefit Scheme, a sum of Rs.200/ per month is sanctioned every month to the GDS who has drawn monthly TRCA for that month. The particular GDS performing the duties in the vacant posts of Postman & MTS in the divisions may not be enrolled in the list for sanction of Rs.200/- as the TRCA drawn for that month is in the name of the substitute, there by losing their provision for that particular period/month.

It is pertinent to mention that the GDS working in vacant places of Postman & MTS are getting the benefit of notional increment though the TRCA is drawn in favour of substitute for that officiating period. On the same analogy, the sanction of Rs.200/- under SDB Scheme may be made to the GDS who is on leave for the purpose of officiating in the vacant places of Postman & MTS in the divisions.

It is requested to consider and cause necessary instructions on the subject.

Sub: Computing unregistered articles handled in the BOs – Reg.

Respected Madam,

While fixation of TRCA to GDS BPMs, the computation of unregistered articles handled per day is being taken after obtaining two days test figures in the middle of the week for every 25 unregistered articles for 1 point.

It is learnt that many BOs are receiving a considerable number of unregistered articles everyday and mere calculation of two days test figures for computing 1 point for a month for 25 articles on an average is not justified and does not reflect the right position. The average figure of registered articles & accountable articles are taking into account for every  22 articles for 1 point of workload handled during the month.

There is every justification for computing total number of unregistered handled during the month and an average will be taken into account for computing 25 articles for  1 point instead of 25 articles for a month with I point of work load.

Eg. Total number of regd. & accountable articles handled in month = 220.
On an average for every 22 articles for I point = 10 points.

Total number of unregistered articles handled in a month = 500
On an average for every 25 articles per day for 1 point = 20 points

Instead of 20 points, it is being computed on the basis of two days test figures for 25 articles for one (1) point for that month.

It is therefore requested to kindly  issue necessary instructions to the authorities concerned to reiterate the instructions issued on the subject by taking into consideration of the total unregistered articles handled during the month instead of two days test figure which will reflect the real business of the BOs.

Sub:-   Release of amount accrued in SDB Scheme to the nominees of deceased GDS officials.

Respected Madam,

It is reported from many quarters that the retirement benefits viz., Severance Amount / Amount accrued in SDBS has not drawn to the nominees of the deceased GDS officials in the divisions.

It is a well known fact that the PRAN cards to the applicant GDS opted under SDBS have not  been received. Many GDS are unaware of their enrollment under the SDB Scheme till date. Repeated requests  to the Divisional authorities are in vain.

Claim cases are pending in the Divisions for the determination of enrollment under SDBS and other reasons best known to the authorities.

It is therefore requested to issue suitable and necessary instructions to all the concerning authorities to dispose all the pending cases and effect payment of the amount accrued in SDBS or eligible Severance Amount to the nominees of the deceased GDS officials at  the earliest.

Further, it is requested to issue necessary instructions to intimate the position of enrollment of each GDS under SDBS there by further enrollment of eligible GDS in every division would be optimized.

Sub:- Computation of revenue generation in BOs – Reg.

Respected Madam,

While computing revenue generation from the BOs as cost/establishment norms fixed on certain items of work viz., stamp sales, MO commission, SB/RD/TD transactions only.

7 / 20 portion of sale of stamps
28% portion of MO issue commission
34% portion of MO paid commission
Rs.1.70 ps for SB/RD deposit
Rs.2.70ps for SB with drawls etc are in practice.

In the recent past, there is a considerable number of accounts are being opened in BOs for POSB, PORD, RPLI schemes under the business activities. It is learnt that the department is in receipt of revenue on the live accounts of POSB, PORD, POTD, MIS for 3 years from the Govt. No honorarium / incentive has been paid to such work to GDS.

An apportioned amount of that Receipt may also be taken in to account by considering the number of live accounts standing in the BOs. There by decrease the loss incurred by BOs can be justified and will be resulted in the upward revision of TRCA to the BPMs and the post establishment of that particular BO will be sustained.

It is requested to take necessary action for taking such new accounts for subsequent deposits for comparable workload as well as revenue of the BO.


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