Thursday, June 27, 2013


Hon'ble Post Master General, Vijayawada Region Shri M.Sampath inagurated the Project Arrow Post Office, Venkatagiri Town, Gudur (NL) Division on 27-06-2013. 

Shri M.Venkateswarlu, Director, Postal Services, Vijayawada Region unveiled the office premises of the  Vk Town Post Office as Project Arrow Office.

Shri Kurugondla Ramakrishna, MLA, Venkatagiri attended and graced the occassion.

The program was organized by Shri S.V.Siva Prasad, SSPOs, Gudur Division & Shri K.David, SPOs, Nellore Division and Shri K.Sivajiganeshan, ASP HQ, Shri P.Rajagopal, IPO, Gudur North, Shri G.Gurunadharao, IPO, Gudur South contributed their services to make the progam successfull. 

Hon'Ble MLA, Shri Kurugondla Ramakrishan invited by the SPOs, Shri S.V.Sivaprasad
Hon'ble MLA being invited by Com.K.Sudhakar, SPM, Vk Town Post Office
Shri M.Sampath, Post Master General has cut the ribbon and inaugurated the Post Office

Shri M.Venkateswarlu, Director Postal Services unveiled the office premises
Press meet & interaction with the Staff by PMG & DPS


          The Hon’ble Postmaster General,
          Vijayawada Region
          Camp at Venkatagiri.

Respected Sir,

           Kindly redress the following staff welfare issues, which are beyond the jurisdiction of our Divisional Head.

1.     Whenever PLI insurants applied for loans/maturity claims,  concerned files  have to be obtained from Circle Office by Divisional Head. Much delay is taking place for receipt  of  concerned PLI files from CO, which is causing delayed sanctions.

2.     Supply of uniform to postmen/MTS: since 4 years no supply.

3.     There is a departmental site in Nayudupeta near RTC bus stand worth of more than 2 crores. Naydupeta is a main centre point to Chennai, Tirupathi, and Nellore. Presently PO is running in most congested premises, which is located in Bypass road and far away from main town; further land-lord is also creating troubles to the staff.

4.     Request for allotment of medical funds
The medical  bills of Kum. M.Chamundeswari,  PA,  VKTown SO for about 5 lakh amount is detained for the last 8 months.
5.     Request to provide three-in-one (Cool, Hot, Medium) water cooler to VKTown SO.

6.     Sri J.Venkateswarlu, GDSMC/MD Yathaluru a/w VKTown SO applied transfer to the post of GDSMC/MD,  Bujabuja Nellore a/w AK Nagar SO, Nellore Dn.., Since more than two years back. Pending disposal at RO.

7.     Venkatagir town is now vast developing in all corners. At present only 3 Postmen and 1 EDDA are working. There is justification for one additional Postmen Post. It is requested to consider to sanction the same.

8.     Compassionate cases in GDS cadre:
1. S/S R.Ramesh lala, BPM Lalapeta, VKTown expired on 13-05-2007
2. S/S P.V.Narasaiah,GDSM D/MC Nawabpeta,  Rapur expired on 26-12-2008
3. S/S SK.Khadar basha, GDS MC Vinnamala,  Nayudupeta expired on 23-01-04
4. S/S Y Nagumaiah,  BPM Karikadu,  Mallam SO expired on 30-12-2009
5. S/S C.V Ramanaiah,  BPM Cherlopalli,  Manubolu expired on 30-12-2009
6. S/S P.Anandrao, GDSMC Kommalapudi,  Manubolu expired on 30-04-2010

9.     Request for provision of GDSMC Post at Paravolu under VKTown SO.
Since 1 year back the said post was kept under abeyance and the entire work entrusted to GDSMC Amuduru a/w Vk. Town. The incumbent is to traverse more than 60 kms per day.

10. Request for provision of Motor to the bore-well in the VKTown PO premises  and also provide the white cool -home  roof for VKTown PO Building by removing the  present coal tar (Asphalt)  sheet.

11.  Sanction of Maternity grant to the women GDS.
a.     Smt. G.Sujatha, BPM under Virur SO.
b.     Smt.D.Jagadeeswari, BPM, Kokkupadu, Kota SO.

Thanking You Sir,
                                        Yours faithfully,
Date: 27-06-2013
Venkatagiri Town                                 

The Post Master General is kind enough to settled some of the items above viz.,

(10) Sanction for motor to the bore-well is granted @ Rs.60,000/- Sanction of false-ceiling for PO building is granted on the spot.

(4) Medical bill of Kum. Chamundeswari, PA is sanctioned for about Rs.2 lakhs  even though there is inadequate funds.

(7) SPOs directed to attach One GDSMD  Post to Vk Town PO.

Remaining items will be persuaded at the earliest and assured favourably.

The Divsional Union conveys its heartfet thanks to the Post Master General for his generosity towards the welfare issues of the Staff.


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