Tuesday, January 22, 2013


 February 20,21,2013 General Strike - Let us write its historic success

In the National Convention of Workers called by the 11 Central Trade Unions including INTUC, CITU, AITUC, BMS etc., a clarion call was made to organise Two Days Strike on 20-21 February 2013 against the anti-worker policies of the Government and demanding settlement of the issues of the workers, especially in the unorganised sector.

The National Convention of Workers held on 4th September, 2012 in the capital expressed its deep concern and anguish at the total non-response of the Govt. to address the burning Issues of the working people viz containing price-rise, universalisation of social security rights for unorganized sector workers, ensuring proper minimum wages, mass scale contractorisation, rampant violation of labour laws and onslaught on trade union rights etc., despite consistent persuasion by all in united platform of the entire trade union movement in the country through various forms of countrywide programmes and agitations in a democratic manner since last three years. The workers continuous agitations over the years have been simply ignored and side lined and there is no sign of turn the tables on its own by the present Government. 

The Govt. is continuing the same anti people economic policy even seeking to enact legislations in all sectors like FDI in retail and pension that run contrary to the interest of working people and their social security rights besides generating a severe recessionary impact on the national economy.

When all the central trade unions irrespective of their political affiliation are united and issued a strike call to save the nation and its working class in particular, all the other trade unions and organisations have no the only option to fall line with the main stream of the working class and accordingly all the National Federations, All India Unions etc. have already endorsed the strike call of all the central trade unions and preparing for an effective strike. As usual, in its own traditions and the policy decision, the NFPE has already decided and declared to go on strike as per the decisions of the Confederation and started preparations. FNPO has also decided to join the strike and accordingly in the postal sector, the call was given on behalf of the Postal JCA by incorporating the sectional demands of the postal and CG employees’ demands.

The Confederation and the Postal JCA have already released its tour programme to organise the workers for the effective participation in the strike. We cannot be in isolation when the entire working class agitate to save the workers and the common people from the retrograde policies of the present Government. Even though we may have some local problems to organise another strike within two months, we must take it as a challenge and see the cent per cent participation of our membership. It is possible and we are capable of it. We are not going to lose big things except the wages. But it will certainly realise the Govt that the workers are having the right to strike and will not tolerate any decisions affecting the working class and the common people at large.

Never before in the history of the country there has been a nation-wide general strike for two days. There are no such instances in the past where trade unions irrespective of their political affiliations have come together in this manner.

It is our boundan duty to make the strike an historic success in the postal sector. Please organise Gate Meetings and organise comrades for the massive participation in the ensuing strike. Please visit all offices and garner support from all corners duly explaining the justification of demands and our role and responsibilities. Let us take pledge and organise for the ensuing strike

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