Monday, September 24, 2012

  The Circle Secretary AIPEU GDS (NFPE)
                Sub: Mass Scale abolition of GDS posts in Gudur Division
Respected Com,
                When we are demanding for filling up of all GDS vacant posts, the Circle administration is abolitioning the GDS posts in a mass scale by using the new name of “Keeping abeyance”. The circle administration calling information of all vacant posts for giving clearance to fill up the posts. But for very few posts permission is according to fill up and at the same time more posts are keeping abeyance and attaching the work to BPM/other GDS posts. For example in Gudur Dn during last 10 days the following posts have been kept under abeyance.
1.       GDS MC Althurupadu(VK Town) has been kept in abeyance and attached to GDS MC/DA Paravolu(VK Town)
The present work load of MC/DA Paravolu
                7                                              7.5                          8
o-------------------------o-------------------------o----------------------------o    Total: 22.5 (one side)
VK Town              Paravolu                       Amudur                    Althurupadu                      22.5 (back)
                                                                                                                                         +25KM delivery                            work at Paravolu                                                                                                          ----------
i.e. per a day 70 KM
is it possible to a human being?
2.       GDS DA Polireddypalem (Kotapolur) has been kept in abeyance and attached to BPM
                                The post of GDS DA P.R.Palem from the beginning is more than 5 hrs work load post. GDS DA retired during 2006 and the for the last 6 yrs GDS DA post runned on substitute arrangement. Since 2006 we are demanding through monthly meeting for its filling up.
                Lady BPM. Good working BO. Besides BPM duties now she has to attend 11 attached villages covering a distance of 40 KM per day.
                Likewise GDS MC/DA Velagalaponnur, Minamanamudi, Talupur, P.C.Padu, Mogallur, Ammavaripalem total 10 posts have been abolished during last 10 days. This may be the position in all divisions of AP. It is requested to brought it to the notice of NFPE Federal executive, scheduled to be held on 27.09.12 in order to move further.
Yours comradely

Divisional Secretary

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