Monday, August 27, 2012

First in Indian Law - Study material for Postal/Sorting Assistant Examination

.First empire to define and demarcate civil and criminal law

 Gupta Empire
2. First Court ( of judicature) was established in Calcutta on

August , 1672
3. The First Law Commission was constituted in ----------------  under ------------------

1834 under the Charter Act
4. First I.P.C  and CRPC was introduced in Bengal

 In 1862 by John Beames.
5. The First Federal Court established in

6. Supreme Court was established on March 26, 1774 in Calcutta as a

Result of Regulating Act of 1773.

7. Oldest High Court

Calcutta High Court (1862)

8. First Indian High Court Judge –

Shambhunath Pandit.

.9  Youngest Judge –

 Prasanta Behari Mukherjee at the age of 38.

10. High Court with most judges –

 Allahabad High Court (60 Judges)

11. First Woman Chief Justice (High Court) –

Justice Leila Seth (Delhi)
12. First Indian President of International Court of Justice-

 Dr. NagendraSingh (First Indian recipient of World Justice Award)

13. First Chief Justice of Independent India –

Justice Harilal J. Kania.

14. First Woman judge of Supreme Court-

Meera Sahib Fatima Beevi.
15. First woman judicial officer

 -Anna Chandy
16  first Federal Court chief justice.

Sir. Maurice Gwyer
17. First woman advocate –

Cornelia Sorabji
18. “Green Bench” decides on environmental issues.

(set up by the Calcutta Court)
19. Largest prison

 Tihar Jail

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