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No.P3/2-53/Salem West                                                                                                                   Dt. 20.03.2012
 Sri. A.N. Nanda, IPS,
Postmaster General,
Western Region,
Coimbatore  641 001.
                                  Sub: High  handed  and  corrupt  activities  o f Sri. A. Sundararajan, Superintendent  of   Pos.,  Salem  West  Division -  Bogus  TA claim and food  bills for the  past  one year while staying  in the  Inspection Quarters  at  O/O SPOs., Salem West Division – Inducing   group politics among  Staff unions   creating enmity  within,  to cover up his misdeeds- spoiling working atmosphere and industrial 
peace – Request  for immediate  intervention  - reg.

                           Ref:  This  union’s  previous   letter dt. 01.03.2012.

A kind reference is invited to this union letter cited .  We have already  send documents  in bunch  in order to prove his  bogus  TA claim  to the tune of lakhs , since  his  date of  his inception as adhoc  SPOs., Salem West Division.  

In addition , to support  the charges, some other   details of records   received to our Circle Union  from the   said  Sri. P.S. Senthilnathan, Advocate   of Salem,  are now  enclosed herewith  for  your kind perusal  and for taking  necessary action as deem fit  as per   the provisions contained in CCS (CCA) Rules 1965, the rules which is  framed  to suit  for all,  including  the  cadre of  Superintendent.  These particulars  were  obtained  from the  Diary of  the said SPOs.,  which  are quitely   mismatching with  his   bogus  Lodge/ food  bills produced    for his  TA/DA claim. These records atleast by now  will unearth the  true face  of the  said  Superintendent. 

Particulars  of  Lodge/Food bills  claimed as per   his  TA Bill :- 

Bill Claimed
Period of Bill Claimed
Lodge Bill
@750/- per day
Food Bill
@190/- per day
June 2011
18.6.11 to 30.06.11
July 2011
1.7.11 to 31.7.11
August 2011
1.8.11 to31.8.
11 except 19.8.11.
September 2011

1.9.2011 to 30.9.2011

October 2011
1.10.2011 to
November 2011
1.11.11 to24.11.11 &26.11.11 to 29.11.11

Discrepancies in the bill  as  per his diary

  1.  On 20.06.2011 SPO’S started from HQ to Coimbatore  by 0600 hours .Night halt at Coimbatore  On 21.6.11 started from Coimbatore by 1800 hours and reached HQ by 2100 hours So 2 full days SP was not available in HQ.    But he claimed Lodge bill for 20.06.11 and 21.06.11  And also he had taken food only out of Salem then how can he pay  Food bill for the above said 2 days  to the Salem  Sathish  Catering ?
  2.  On 23.06.2011 SPOs started from Salem by 0630 hours to Coimbatore  and returned HQ only  by 1930 hours. How he can claim food bill  at Salem for whole day while he was at Coimbatore ?
  3. On 30.06.2011 Started  from Salem by 0600 hours  to Coimbatore and returned HQ  at 1830 hours .  But  food bill  Claimed for whole day at Salem.
  4. On 7.7.11 -Started   from Salem HQ  by 0600 hours to Tirupur  and halted at Tirupur .On 8.7.11  he arrived HQ only by 1800 hours. Then How can he claim food bill and lodge bill for two days at Salem.
  5. On 29.07.11 started from HQ by 0630 hours to Coimbatore  and returned HQ by 1930 hours .  But he claimed food  bill for the whole day at Salem.
  6. On  9.8.11 left HQ from Salem by 0600 hours to Coimbatore and returned to HQ by 1900 hours. Then  how can he claim the food bill for the whole day at Salem.
  7. On 16.8.11  left from  HQ by 0530 hours to Coimbatore and returned HQ at 1900 hours.  But he claimed for the whole day.  (But he left from Salem on 14.08.11 by train at about 1930 hours by Inter city Express. On 15.08.2011 INDEPENDENCE DAY –HOLIDAY .  He has not participated in the flag hoisting function at Suramangalam HO. This may be confirmed through  field enquiry.  So totally from 14.08.2011 to 16.08.2011 he claimed food bill and lodge bill at Salem, when he was not available in HQ.
  8. On 29.09.2011 left from HQ by 0730 hours to Coimbatore and then to Tiruppur and returned HQ 2300 hours.  But he claimed food bill  at Salem for the whole day.
  9. On 10.10.2011 left HQ  by 0930 hours to Dharmapuri and returned to HQ by 1600 hours .  But he claimed food bill at Salem for whole day.
  10. On 20.10.2011 left  HQ  by 0630 hours to Coimbatore and returned to Salem by 1930 hours.  But Claimed food bill at Salem  for whole day.
  11. On 04.11.2011 left HQ  5 hour to Tiruppur and then to Palladam and returned to HQ 1900 hours.  But he Claimed food bill for whole day at Salem. 
  12. Likewise he left Salem by 0630 hours on 26.11.2011 and reached Coimbatore and started from Coimbatore by 2000 hours and reached Salem by 2330 hours But he has not turned  up to HQ.  Being  27.11.2011 was Sunday SP Proceeded to his native from Coimbatore.  And returned only on 29.11.11.  This can be proved if we enquired the Jeep Driver who was on duty. But for 26.11 and 27.11 he claimed Lodge Bill and Food Bill at  Salem.
13.   As per the local reports,  from the date of his joining  as SPOs on adhoc  arrangement he had n’t stayed in HQ on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Every week he proceeded to his  native  on Friday night or day before holiday night by 1915 hours from Salem by Intercity Express.
It is noted in his diary that he attended office work.  But he has not signed in any files on the above dates. This can be verified and confirmed .
After his assumption as regular SPOs, on 5th December, 2011 Shri.A.Sundarajan continuously stayed in  Sura mangalam  IQ  unofficially, and claimed HRA for the month of December 2011.
With  such  charges loading on him, having  got  fear with the  Local Union, he is in the habit of  threatening the staff  and  issuing Rule 14 and 16 charge sheets, for  petty reasons,  unmindfully.
Hence,  our Circle Union  requests the PMG, WR   to intervene in this matter  immediately, so as to  make high level  enquiry  on the charges,  and  to  plug  the  leakage / to  close  the siphon ,  discharging the Govt. money.
It is further  requested that ,   he  may  kindly be shifted immediately,  in order to prevent  tampering of records and  threatening   of  the witnesses.  
Expecting  your kind   and justified action  and a line  in reply.
Thanking you Sir,
With regards,

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