Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Ms. Manjula Prasher,
Department of Posts,
Dak Bhavan,
New Delhi – 1.

Sub:- Most urgent and pressing problems of the Gramin Dak Sevak employees.
We are submitting herewith a short note on most urgent and pressing problems of the Gramin Dak Sevaks for your kind perusal and favourable action.
1. Gross injustice and discrimination has been done to Gramin Dak Sevak employees by denying Bonus ceiling of Rs.3500/-, at par with Departmental staff. Several courts (CAT) pronounced judgments in favour of the GDS and supported the arguments advanced by us. Bonus ceiling to GDS may be Rs.3500/- without any discrimination, please consider.
2. Removal of tightening of norms for GDSBPMs, Rs.20,000/- Cash handling per point is unreasonable and unscientific. Hither to Rs.1000/- per point for Cash handling was in force which was the basis for computation of their TRCA. Similarly no norm is fixed for transactions done under MNREGS up to 20 transactions, Stamps sales norms Rs.900/- is unreasonable against the former norms of Rs.45/- per point. We request immediate review as the officials undergo REDUCTION IN THEIR MONTHLY EMOLUMENTS/TRCA. No pay committee has suggested downward revision of pay/TRCA and such peculiarity/discrimination is only towards this section! In reality their pay should have been on the basis of minimum hours of attendance like Departmental staff, not on the basis of workload assessed unscientifically and irrationally. ANOTHER PERTINENT POINT IS THAT THEIR SERVICES ARE UTILISED OUTSIDE THE DUTY HOURS TO MOBILISE R.P.L.I, MGNREGS AND OTHER SMALL SAVINGS WORK.
3. Pay revision is always UPWARDS, but in case of many GDS downward revision has taken place and recoveries are ordered on the plea of wrong fixation. This is because of reading the rules and instructions in between the lines by local level officers/Audit officers. Pay hike system/procedure is not made as simple as adopted for Departmental staff. This is utter discrimination towards these HAVE NOTS.
4. Snatching away 25% of Promotional avenues (seniority quota) of GDS employees against the prevailing rules, convention and practice is another blow. GDS officials are being treated as outsiders for all purposes and their promotion is treated as DIRECT RECRUITMENT. Practice and pre-existing rules and norms for absorption of GDS in the department is logical and reasonable. Hence we request your kind honour to intervene in the matter. The ideal should be to systematically absorb the GDS into department by various method of DEPARTMENTALISATION, SO WE CRAVE FOR YOUR KIND INDULGENCE.
5. Hither to Compassionate appointment to the wards of GDS have been given as a welfare measure, without any condition or restrictions. Imposing unethical and unreasonable conditions and norms prescribed recently is against the principles of natural justice and law of the land. Introduction of irrational and unscientific methods to assess indigent circumstances of the family are quite unreasonable and unjust. Earning MINIMUM POINTS OF 50 is highly impracticable and unjust, live examples have been furnished already for urgent review. Please look into this issue objectively, compassionately and ON PRIORITY.
We, therefore, most respectfully solicit your kind intervention and early settlement of the issues for which we shall be highly grateful.

With regards,yours faithfully

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