Monday, July 25, 2011


Retirement age, in no circumstances, should be enhanced to 62 year. Rather it should be lowered. Let the deadwoods be weeded out. Babudom has become a deep rooted practice in this country. The Babus like politicians want power and authority till death. However, the politicians have to pass the litmus test every 5 years and come good in that. No such requirement is prescribed for Babus. Those Babus who fail to get absorbed into political spectrum desires be to be Chairman / Members / Advisors of various Boards, Tribunals, and Committee under the control of government to satisfy their desire for unbridled authority. To meet their post retirement ambitions, they create such institution during their service career with prime focus on themselves. Such is their unsatisfied desire for power, authority and freebies. The amount of expenditure to sustain top echelon, i.e. Joint Secretary and above in the Government of India itself would be mind boggling.

Most of them have endless governmental resources at their disposal such as band of vehicles, army of officials to take care of their “BEGAR”. The government vehicle runs to drop and pick their kith and kin whole day and night. Someone should tell them that they survive on TAX PAYERS hard earned money. Millions of Dollars are spent of their maintenance everyday in this country.Most of them have failed to uphold Rule of Law. They are so stratified on the basis of caste, religion, region, language that they failed to uphold Equal Protection of Law to the people of this country in last around 60 years of democratic functioning. They are more faithful to their henchman rather to the Constitution of this country. So corrupt they are morally that they accept bribe even under the Sign displaying that “Taking Bribe is Criminal offence”. They are so pliant and spineless and can stoop to any extent for getting a small thing like a posting. They are instrumental in the spread of lawlessness and have failed to uphold Rule of Law in more than two-third states of this country. This babudom is not a steel frame rather a spider web which is unable to sustain the pressure even a drop of water. Have they ever been held accountable? One must ask at whose cost all these freebies are enjoyed by them and with what face they are pleading for extension. Due to this Babudom, Indian Babu is termed as worst even in Asia.

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