Thursday, October 19, 2017

Outcome of discussion with TCS on Sync related Issue in CSI

Dear all, 

we have had a discussion with TCS on sync related issues today. The main points to be noted are: 

1. There are two types of sync: daily sync and high sync. Daily sync pushes data from Central server to POS. This is currently being done three times a day: at 0800 hrs, 1330 hrs and 2000 hrs. TCS is experimenting with pushing this data throughout the day rather than at fixed times. 

2. Hi sync is the one that concerns the post offices. This runs automatically pushing the data from POS to Central server at a frequency of 4 mins for HO and 15 mins for SO. Currently there is no way that the PO can know if this sync is happening or not except by looking at zfr. 

3. For the daily account, we need that the sync of the last transaction has happened before close of accounts. For this TCS has promised to give us a day end button.

I have informed TCS that for the PO, the daily account is sacred and the high sync should be able to push the data before day end. This has been understood. 

4.TCS will generate a one pager on sync related issues. In case , the issues are not adequately addressed or of no help in improving the situation, please let me know. 



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