Friday, May 19, 2017

Operational Guidelines for transfer of PAs through Point Systems

Department of Posts :: India
Office of the Postmaster General,
Head Quarters Region, Hyderabad-500 001.

No. HQR/ ST/ RT Guidelines/ Dlgs dated at Hyderabad the 15.03.2017.

The Sr. Supdt. Of Post Offices,
Hyderabad City Dn. / Hyderabad SE Dn. / Secunderabad Dn.

The SSRM, Hyderabad Stg. Dn.

The Supdt. Of Post Offices,
Sangareddy Dn. / Medak Dn.

The Chief Postmaster, Hyderabad GPO, Hyderabad
The Supdt. PSD / CSD, Hyderabad.
The Manager, MMS, Koti , Hyderabad.
Sub:- Operational Guidelines for transfer of PAs - Reg.
Detailed operational guidelines issued by the Competent Authority for transfer of PAs through point system, Application form for Rotational Transfer and Criteria for calculation of points under performance category are enclosed for information, guidance and necessary action.

I am directed to request you to follow the guidelines scrupulously. Receipt of this communication may please be acknowledged by next post.

DA :As above.

Asst. Director -1
O/o Postmaster General
Head Quarters Region,
Hyderabad-500 001

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