Wednesday, August 24, 2016

How to verify account opened wrongly in Supervisor of Single Hand office

As you know there are huge rush and a lot of work in single hand post office. Only one person has to perform all the activity and schedule work of office. It is human tendency that any mistake may be happened in this situation

Now the situation is that one account is wrongly opened in supervisor. He try to verify the account in super but an error "The same user can not be verified this record" as like below screen shoot is coming.

CPA can't be verify it due to non available of verification menu. In this condition the following two method are taken. We take an example of RD account wrongly opened in Supervisor.

First Method:-

First Login with CPA
Menu Shortcut - CRDOAACM (Modification Before Verification)
A/c ID -
Don't Change anything. Just click on Submit button
Now Login with Super
Menu Shortcut - CRDOAACV
A/c ID -
This theory will apply to all type of account. First do modification before verification then verify.

Second Tough Method:-

  • Email to your CPA for assign temporary role of supervisor to your CPA.
  • Then verify account.
  • Request again to remove temporary role of supervisor to your CPA
  • In this process minimum 1-2 Hrs may be spend.So choose first method which is easier. This will be done at all offices where one supervisor exist.

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