Wednesday, August 10, 2016

7th CPC Arrear calculator for Account Branch in Head Office


It is prepared for use in Account Branch. Its strength is 256 Employee.

  1. You can keep data or calculate arrear for 256 employees at a time.
  2. Right choice for selecting Option 1 and Option 2 is given.
  3. You can print out your arrear slip
  4. you can print 7th cpc general doc to be pasted on service book 1
  5. You can filter every category. such as"- designation wise, pay band wise, grade pay wise, option 1 wise, option 2 wise.
  6. situation of your pay in the pay matrix.
  7. pay fixation in january 1, july 01 is properly elaborated in pay slip.

  • Data entry: enter employee , name, pay band, basic pay, grade pay, designation
  • Arrear report : show all report month wise
  • Pay slip : show report for single report
  • Format for service book: useful for pasting the doc in service book.
Thanks to Shri. Anantacharan Sahoo

Click below link to download the attachment

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