Sunday, February 20, 2011

Directorate letter on Service Discharge Benefit Scheme

File No.6-11/2009-PE-II Dated: 14-02-2011
Sub:Operationalisation of Service Discharge Benefit Scheme (SDBS) for Gramin Dak Sevaks.
In continuation of this office letter of even no. dated 09-02-2011, it is intimated that the applications submitted by the Collection Centers for registration with the Central Record Keeping Agency of PFRDA were processed and submitted to National Security Depository Limited (NSDL), Mumbai for registration and assigning the number.
2. The NSDL has communicated the Registration Nos. of the Collection Centers for the Department. The number assigned to Collection Centers of the divisions in your Circle is furnished in the enclosure. The Registration Nos. may be communicated to the respective Collection Centers for record and further action for submission of application of GDS to Facilitation centers.
3. The NSDL has brought to the notice of this office that only 43000 applications have been received by them and many of the Collection Centers have retained the applications of Gramin Dak Sevaks who have opted to join the Scheme with their offices only as the Facilitation Centers did not accept the applications for want of Registration Nos. assigned to Collection Centers and Account Offices.
4. Consequent on the registration of Collection Centers as well as Account Offices, the Divisional Heads may be requested for scrutinizing the applications once again as per the check-list prescribed and re-submit the applications to the respective Facilitation Centers indicating the Collection Center Registration No. and Account Office Registration No. at the end of each every application and also attesting the particulars furnished by the applicant will signature and rubber stamp of the Divisional Head.
5. For registration of the beneficiaries with Central Record Keeping Agency, the know your customer procedure is very essential, however, the Department has clarified that since the particulars furnished by the beneficiaries (GDS) are attested by the Controlling Officers, no further KYC procedure is requires. This view has been confirmed by the PFRDA under whose guidance the scheme is being operationalised. Therefore, it is very essential that the Divisional Head representing the Collection Centers should certify the particulars at the end of the application with his dated signature and also impression of the rubber stamp. Furnishing the AO registration no. and CC registration no. is mandatory. The applications of the beneficiaries should be bundled in each set of 50 applications and sent to Facilitation Center with a covering letter.
6. The points of check to be observed while forwarding the applications of the beneficiaries is furnished in the enclosure for strict observance.
7. As the scheme is to be operationalised before 01-04-2011, the Circle is requested to ensure for submission of all the applications of GDS who opted to join the scheme to the Collection Centers for registration and generation of Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN).8. TOP PRIORITY may be accorded for this item of work.

Yours faithfully,
(A.K. Sharma)
Dy. Director General(Estt.)

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